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Our team is a community, and we expect community members to contribute to a friendly, safe, equitable, and welcoming environment. Everyone agrees to (1) maintain a collaborative atmosphere and learn from one another, (2) treat one another with respect, combat discrimination, and ensure that people of (including but not limited to) all races, gender-identities, national origins, ethnicities, religions, citizen statuses, ages, sexual orientations, ability statuses, physical appearances, and socioeconomic statuses are and feel equally welcome and valued, and (3) stand up for one another in the face of bias, harassment, discrimination. We agree to communicate about failures in these commitments, either directly and/or through ASU’s reporting mechanism.

Lab Alumni

WhoWhatWhenWhere are they now?
Layla BrassingtonMSc Student2020-2023PhD student in the Lea Lab @ Vanderbilt
Sarah van DijkResearch Technician2022-2023PhD student in Immunology @ UCSD
Corbin JohnsonPhD Student2017-2022Postdoc in the Jayadev Lab @ UW
Marina WatowichPhD Student2017-2022Postdoc in the Lea Lab @ Vanderbilt
Alice BanielPostdoc2017-2022Researcher at Montpellier, France
India Schneider-CreasePostdoc2017-2022Asst. Prof. @ ASU
Trisha ZintelPostdoc2020-2022 Bioinformatics Engineer @ Sage Bionetworks
Marta KoperskaResearch Technician2022PhD Student @ Wake Forest University
Sarah FordResearch Scientist2020-2022Lab Manager, Shapiro Lab, UCSC
Viktoria UsovaLab Technician2019-2020
Sierra SamsLab Manager2017-2019Associate Genomics Solutions Specialist; Roche
Arianne MercerLab Technician2019
Grace DeCastroLab Technician2018-2019Research Techician at Benaroya Research Institute